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My daughter loves her new dress!! We have always bought her dress up clothes from Target, Kohls or Toys R Us. This dress is nothing like those store bought dresses! It’s so easy to put on, high quality material and I can tell it’s going to be around for a long time. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you Fairy Tailored!

5 stars

These dresses are made by a mom who knows! My four year old loves them. She wears them a lot. They are a great design since they can be worn over other clothes. It was great for Halloween because I could put her sweater on underneath. We have washed them a lot and they hold up great.


5 stars

Fairy Tailored is a delightful company in every respect. Not only is the concept excellent, but the quality is too. These dresses look great, they’re easy to get on and off, they hold up and they’re machine washable – which is so nice for a dress up dress! Not to mention I love the fact that there is no glitter (because while glitter is fun, it gets on everything and never comes off).

People might be reticent to spend $60 on dress-ups, but they last FOREVER, as they have adjustable sizing and they won’t be destroyed in a week like other dress-ups found at toy stores.

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